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AR/VR and the Shopper’s Delight

The mainstream usage of virtual reality and augmented reality increasingly shaping the way consumers interact with the material world. Today, artificial intelligence and machine learning are allowing businesses to profoundly personalize their services. Retail companies

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The Digital Payments Revolution!

The future is now! Welcome to a whole new digitalized world. If you still pay using paper currency, it’s likely you won’t soon. Trends in payments will shift how we pay in the future; credit cards and cash will be a thing of the Apast. Digital Payments Revolution by the

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IoT and 5G network

The Internet of things is taking the world by the storm, with newer applications being developed every single day, the trend is surely here to stay. Analysts all over the globe are speaking on the IOT applications, be revolutionizing manufacturing through the Industry 4.0 or

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